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Threshing-FloorSorry to not write for a few days, the grownups have been keeping us boys real busy helping with the wheat harvest!  We’ve finished all the reaping but the harvest is still taking over everything we do.  I mean, Mum’s made it impossible for me to sleep properly.  Why?  Well, she’s drying bulgar wheat in my favourite place to sleep – on the roof.  I  ask you, how can a man work prop’ly if he can’t get some proper sleep?

When we were down in KfarNahum today we started to see people returning from Yerushalayim, after Shavuot (Pentecost).  hope that means we’ll soon see Rabbi Yeshua’s Talmidim, ‘cause I’m really missing my friends!

Anyway, I’ve got to get to bed ‘cause old Eli wants us boys at the threshing floor real early tomorrow.  He says it’s ‘bout time we got a full days work done, instead of jus’ fooling around.  Cheek, I jus’ don’t think these grownups realise how ‘portant the work us business men do is!

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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ViewFromChorazinWell, I jus’ would’n believe it if I had’n seen it myself!  Oh, what do I mean?  Well, after Shabbat the whole village collected all the sheep we’d been given by the Sanhedrin and all our Festival Baskets for Shavuot (Pentecost) and took them over, as presents, to Chorazim.

That was’n so bad, ‘cause grownups often do peculiar things.  No, it was what happened after we’d done that!  The people at Chorazim were really rude to us and shouted at us from the town walls.  Still, we did what we’d decided to do – we left all the sheep and the Festival Baskets for the people of Chorazim to collect and went back to KfarGanot.  Our Mums & Dads said it would be alright for us children to hide and see what happened next – so we did.

You jus’ won’t believe it, nope, you jus’ won’t believe it!  After we left, the people of Chorazim came out to collect our presents.  ‘Course, our cousins recognised our baskets and made sure they took them back to their Mums & Dads.  But, as we watched, the grownups from Chorazim started to argue about who was going to have which sheep and which basket!.  They even started to hit each other – it was real nasty.  I dun’no, I jus’ dun’no, we did something nice for them and they go and do that -  sometimes grownups can be be real peculiar!

[Our picture today shows the view from Chorazin, down the Nahal Charoazin towards the Kinneret.]

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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I dunno, I jus’ dunno!  I thought we’d done a good job at the battle of the sheep rustlers the other day.  But, no, Rabbi Moshe’ told us today we had to make it up with the people from Chorazim.  I dunno, I jus’ dunno – seems to me they have to make up with us.  Still, I have to say, it’s going to be easier for us  childr’n  ’cause we’ve been playing together, even when the grownups did’n like each other.

Synagogue was different today – an’ very long!  I did’n understand everything Rabbi Moshe’ said but it was something about Rabbi Yeshua being haShem’ Messenger; us not listening to him; an’ him now being taken away like Enoch.  Wow, that mus’ be something, to fly up in the sky – that’s what Old Moshe’ said, people saw Rabbi Yeshua fly right up into the sky!  Wow, I wonder if he’ll come back someday?

Anyway, seems it all some sort of sign or something and it means we’ve got to make up with the people from Chorazim.  I think that’s a good idea, ’cause it would make it easier for us children to play together!  Anyway, all the grownups are very sad, an’ that makes us children sad as well.

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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Galit, Yoshi, Ira & I (&, ‘course, Lud) got up real early this morning to take over from the hired men guarding the sheep that we rescued from the hustlers.  Rivka & Miri got up early too, they were looking after the sheep, caring for them, including feeding & anointing the ones with injuries.The Sanhedrin had ordered us not to let anyone have their sheep back until the Sanhedrin Judges arrived.
Trouble was some men from Chorazim wanted to get their sheep’s soon as possible!  They said people who believed Rabbi Yeshua must be unclean to deceived like that – they then said we would make their sheep unclean. That’s a really nasty thing to say! ‘Course, I took charge and sent Lud to get Yov. While we were waiting for Yov we protected the sheep by shouting at the men from Chorazim – and all the other KfarGanot children joined us, that scared them.
Then, all of a sudden, two Sanhedrin Guards arrived and they chased all us children away and all the grownups. They would only allow Rivkah & Miri into the orchard, to look after the sheep. A bit later the Sanhedrin Judges turned up, with more GUARDS.  The Judges sorted everything out – it would be nice if people listened to me like that. When we’d given all the sheep back to their owners there were still some left! The Judges said we should have them ’cause we did such a good job – well, it’s nice when people say so.

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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Second Day ~ WITNESS!

Tombs-of-SanhedrinWooh!  Today I had to be a witness in front of the local Sanhedrin in BeitTzaidah.  It was in a really posh building, in a really posh room.  It was really scary to stand in front of all those ‘portant men!  The Chief Judge was real nice though; he said he ‘membered me from the time the Sanhedrin came to KfarGanot and was very ‘mpressed by how all us children had provided ‘freshments for every one.  I told him I was a proper business man, with my own business and asked him if they’d like some ‘freshments today.  He laughed and said “No that won’t be necessary today but thank you very much!  All he wanted from me today was to tell the truth, as if I was speaking to haShem.”

‘Course, I said I would and then they started to ask me lots of questions ‘bout what happened yesterday.  I told them it was a brill battle and all us children joined in and helped, then we took all the sheep back to KfaGanot to look after them for people.  I also told him that my sister, Rivkah, an’ our friend Miri were looking after all the sheep today and caring for and ‘nointing their wounds.

The Chief Judge said he was very ‘mpressed by us children an’ that the adults had a lot to learn from us.   Wow, I wonder if that means we should run the school – that would be real cool!

So, today was the 44th day of Counting Omer, the Second Day of the Seventh Week.   That’s 44 days since we found Yeshua’s tomb empty!

[Our picture today shows the interior of, what is called, the "TOMBS OF THE SANHEDRIN" in Jerusalem.

The "Tombs of the Sanhedrin" is also called "Tombs of the Judges", is an underground complex of 63 rock-cut tombs located in a public park in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedria. Constructed in the Second Temple Period, the tombs are noted for their elaborate design and symmetry. They have been a site for Jewish pilgrimage since the medieval period.

The Tombs of the Sanhedrin have been known by different names among Jews and Christians. In 1235 Rabbi Jacob the Emissary called them the "Tombs of the Righteous", writing that the tombs housed the remains of "many wise men".  The necropolis consists of 63 niches (for bodies) and is situated at the head of the Valley of Jehoshaphat in northwest Jerusalem.]

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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First day ~ A REAL BATTLE!

Rustled-SheepI told you, did’n I, yep, I told you.  Sorry, what did I tell you?  Well,  I’ve  always said that when us boys “play” – as the grownups call it – we’re not really playing, we’re practicing and that means it’s work.  Ooh, I’ll have to tell Rabbi Moshe’ that,‘cause we could have more “play” at school then.

Anyway, today we had a real battle an’ there were hundreds of people to battle, so it’s a good job us boys keep playing “Mighty Men of haShem”.  Well, there may not have been hundreds but there was a lot.

This morning Galit, Yoshi & I (&,’course, Lud) all got up early to go with Sextus to KfarNahum.  We’d decided to give him a big gift of food to eat from our business, he was real pleased.  Anyway, as we were going down the hill we saw a large flock of sheep an’ you really don’t see flocks of sheep so near to KfarNahum – the city folk say they smell too much.  But these were a peculiar flock ‘cause all the sheep were tied up together.  We don’t do that ‘cause our sheep always know which flock they belong to and where they should go.  So, we went to take a closer look an’ realized there were a lot of sheep with KfarGanot markings on!  So, Yoshi & I rushed back to tell our Dads – an’,’course, Rivkah.  Then all us men and the children as well went off to fight the rustlers an’ get our sheep back.  It was a great battle, with us children all around the outside using our slingshots.  It was G-R-E-A-T!   All the time we were shouting “A sword for the haShem and for Gideon!”   True, sometimes ours stones hit people who weren’t rustlers but that’s what war is like!

‘Course, we won and got all the sheep back.  Us children took them all back to KfarGanot and put them in Old Rabbi Moshe’s orchard ‘till they could be sorted out.

So, today was the 43rd day of Counting Omer, the First Day of the Seventh Week.   That’s 43 days since Yeshua came back to life!

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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Lost-SheepWo-oh, it’s been a completely different Shabbat today!  We’ve got 15 sheep gone missing since we’ve been shearing them.  Rivkah thinks it’s her fault and keeps crying – or hitting me, saying it’s my fault.  I tell you, when sisters hit you they really know how to hurt you and you can’t hit them back.  The things us older brothers have to go through!

Anyway, ‘cause the sheep had gone missing Rabbi Moshe’ gave us p’misssions to go looking for them on Shabbat.  You see, haShem wants us to look after our animals prop’ly and they could be injured or trapped somewhere.  Then Dad said I had to keep an eye out for my sister an’ make sure she was safe.  Humph, that’s not as easy as it sounds when you’ve got a bossy sister like mine!  Still, we did’n find any of them – and I know everywhere an animal can hide.

Sextus also told us some bad news:  He’s going to live in Yerush’ayim, so we won’t see him much from now on!  He’s leaving early tomorrow morning an’ the women are preparing a party to say “Goodbye!” to him prop’ly.  Ooh, that’s Mum calling for me to tell me to hurry ‘cause the parties starting soon.  I’ll have to stop writing now, ‘cause if you don’t get to these parties as soon as they start all the best food is earen by other greedy people and I like party food!

So, today was the 42nd day of Counting Omer, the sixth Sabbath of Counting.   That’s 42 days since Yeshua came back to life!

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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27th Iyyar (Fictional date, Fourth Day) ~ SOME ANIMALS JUS’ DON’T LIKE ME!

Sheep-Shearing-SceneSome animals jus’ decide they’re not going to like me an’ I reckon it’s the same one this year!  Oh, sorry, we’ve been real busy over the last few days, what with all the shearing.  Do you ‘member that one of the sheep escaped last year?  Well, the sheep get very frisky and just want to run away, so we really do have to keep an eye on them.  Still, same as last year, one of them got away an’ I reckon it’s the same way as last year.

Rivkah was her usual bossy self and told me it was my ‘sponsibility to keep an eye on the sheep when the shearers had finished an’ that made me ‘sponsible for finding the one that ran away!  Woh, I first thought that was a bit bossy by her but on ‘sideration she made the right decision.  Why?  Well, it obv’ous, I’m obv’ously the best organizer here and so it was best for me to organize finding the lost sheep.  So I did.  I got Galit, Yoshi & Ira (&, ‘course, Lud) prop’ly organized and we went looking for the sheep.  We did find it but it was dirty work catching her!  ‘Course, we did catch her but it was tiring, dirty and…fun!  Yup, I think Mum will understand why I had to get dirty this time.

When we got back, Rivkah said I’d obv’ously not been doing my job prop’ly ‘cause we had other sheep missing!  ‘Course, I know it’s not my fault but we’ve got to find where these sheep have gone.

So, today was the 39th day of Counting Omer, the fourth day of the sixth week of Counting.   That’s 39 days since Yeshua came back to life!

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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20th Iyyar (Fictional date, First Day) ~ IT’S ALRIGHT FOR GROWNUPS!

Shmuli-and-Sheep-in-SquareI was working in the shearing shed when I saw Yov going to our house so I thought I’d go and talk to him.  Trouble is, when I got to the house I found Yov taling with Mum, Dad & Rabbi Moshe’ and it looked like it was proper grownup business, so I did’n interrupt.

Yov said “Sorry!” for the way the shearers acted in Synagogue yesterday.  I did’n understand why he did that ‘cause I thought it was great fun.  Anyway, it was good to have grownups who did’n know all the right words and things to do ‘cause it made me look good!  Rabbi Moshe’ said it was alright, it was jus’ good that they all came to Synagogue an’ we should pray for them.  Huh, if I’d of done all that, Rabbi would have given me a thick ear or two.  I dun’no, I jus’ dun’no, some things are alright for grownups but not for us boys!

So, today was the 36th day of Counting Omer, the first day of the sixth week of Counting.   That’s 36 days since Yeshua came back to life!

To understand the full story read Shmuli’s Mum’s blog:

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